Friday, September 2, 2011

Dark Horse Agent of the Empire in the works!

It's started! 

And I am having a ball! John Ostrander writes the stories and well... Everybody knows John is a Genuine Jedi Master when it comes to telling stories in this particular universe created by George Lucas some 35 years ago.

My only hope - that's right, I did it again! -is that my doodles do justice to his writing.

I am also very fortunate that my editor, Awesome Randy Stradley, has granted me the right to choose my artistic team. I get to work with someone who understand what it means to do justice to the pencils: I am talking about Julien Hugonnard-Bert . The name isn't known to you? Well, wait till you see his skills on my pencils and you'll hear more about him in the future,I'm sure.

 Last but not least, my long time collaborator and bestest of friends, also model, sometimes, colorist Karine Boccanfuso. She's put the icing on the cake to some of my DC covers and pages  such as this...

Pretty wicked huh? Wait till you see the pages she's working on right now, for that Star Wars: Agent of the Empire title, in stores in December. 

Now, to get to the bottom of this post, this is how I usually start...

I pencil pretty roughly on Strathmore " Drawing " medium paper 8X10'

Defining how panels will be displayed and tell the story, following, or not, the indications John puts in his script. I usually scan right away and add quick greytones so I keep a  clear image of the lighting I have in mind for the scene.

It has proven to be of great help to the colorist too. 

Setting the mood like this saves a lot of time to everyone involved, to get a better understanding of the action.

Okay, that's already a lot of information for you guys... 

I'll post some more lay-youts soon, 


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